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Maker Buoy
Bare PCB

Eases Iridium and GPS Hardware Integration with Feather Series MCUs for Buoys, Weather Balloons, Remote Weather Stations, etc.

$7.50 US Shipping

$15 International Shipping


Maker Buoy
Populated PCB


Just add Adafruit Feather, Rockblock Iridium Module, Ultimate GPS and you're ready to go!

$7.50 US Shipping

$15 International Shipping


Maker Buoy


Perfect for STEM Education

(Now includes Rockblock Iridium Modem)

See Assembly Video Here

Shipping based on destination


Maker Buoy Complete


Ready to Deploy
GPS Tracker

(Customizable based on your needs)

Shipping based on destination

Note: The Maker Buoy design utilizes the Iridium Short Burst Data (SBD) service for woldwide service.  Costs of the service are a monthly modem registration fee of $13/mo and  $.06/message (50 Bytes) sent or received..

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